Bring the Health of the Outdoors Indoors

We all know that the outdoors is safer than indoors these days, thanks in part to light from the sun and airflow from the wind.

What if you could harness the spirit of both light and air indoors, creating systems that neutralize pathogens and viruses while increasing airflow and HVAC efficiency?


Hospitals Look to the Ceiling to Create the Cleanest of all Spaces

If you want to contain and clean air in your space, Armstrong's 24/7 Defend™ portfolio is one of the best ways to create a healthy space you can count on. Less air leakage through the ceiling plane and quick air replacement rates make our solutions ideal for every space.

  • Contain

    Seal the ceiling plane to control and improve air flow in your space.

  • Clean

    Our UV-C air purification system can clean air from sun up to sun down.

  • Protect

    Think holistically and manage your building cleanliness and air quality like a healthcare space.

Karen Hoffmann, Consultant UNC School of Medicine

"The Armstrong VidaShield UV24 system is an effective solution using upper-air UVGI technology, a recognized mitigation strategy for infection control."

Karen Hoffmann, RN, CIC, FSHEA, FAPIC, Infection Prevention Consultant
Tim Roaten, President Eastern Air Balance

"The ceiling performed much better than we imagined, nearly doubling the pressure differential in the room."

Tim Roaten, President Eastern Air Balance
Kevin McNeil, Dir. Plant Operations Encompass Health

"If we need another room that requires negative pressure, I would highly recommend this system."

Kevin McNeil, Dir. Plant Operations Encompass Health